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"A man’s achievements are not measured by the number of tasks he accomplishes, but by the courage and perseverance he shows when all odds are against him." Such an anecdote exists of the life and success of fuel distributor and C-Store/fast food store operator, Mr. Zaki Niazi, now the proud owner of his own business, King Fuels, Inc. He has come a long way from his childhood days in Pakistan, where running water was considered a delicacy. After his arrival into this land of opportunities and facing hardships and countless struggles, Mr. Niazi was presented with his first break to lease, and ultimately buy, his first gas station in the mid-80s. Being very keen to make something of him and to support his family, he exceeded every obstacle that he was confronted with in due process. Now he owns and operate several gas stations and multiple fast food restaurants besides supplying fuel to almost 300 gas stations in Texas alone.

Zaki Niazi


About King Fuels, Inc

Razi Niazi


Naeem Niazi


IT Director/Operations Manager: Brian Cobham

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